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Early Childhood Intervention

For Infants And Toddlers And Their Families

Our Multi-disciplinary Team consists of more than 50 professionals with long term   field experiences. This team includes Educators, Developmental Specialists, Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapist, Behavioral Specialists, Parenting Specialists, Family Therapists and Psychologists. They have one thing in common: all are experienced in working with the clients with special needs and their families in their natural setting, addressing a variety of needs, ethnologies, and etiologies

The Early Intervention Program provides services for families with children, birth through three years of age, who may have or have not special needs and prefer assistance in child development, parenting skills, like to optimize development, and prevent developmental deficiencies.

          Early Intervention / EARLY START

Our In-Home Early Intervention Program provides services for families with children, birth through three years of age, who have developmental delays, diagnosed disabilities or are considered at risk for developmental delays. The intervention is provided in the child’s natural environment, embedded within their naturally occurring daily routines and everyday relationships. Any interference to Early Intervention services due to inappropriate behaviors will be addressed using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies.

          In-Home Services

The Early Intervention services, are provided by a highly trained and qualified early intervention teacher with experience in early childhood education and development. The early intervention teacher provides support, training and designs intervention strategies to strengthen skills in six developmental domains: cognitive skills, language skills, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, self-help skills and social-emotional skills. These intervention strategies are individually designed to meet each child and family’s unique needs. Parents also play an integral part of the intervention sessions and are considered experts on their child’s development.


These services include in-home services in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas, while specialist consultation such as Occupational & Physical therapy, Language & Speech therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis & Family Counseling,  is made available in one of our centers.  A combination of services can be provided upon request.

How does this work?

Under the direction of the Early Interventionist, with support of the program's Specialists and consultants as needed, parents and children learn through active participation in planning and practice of  learning experiences and new skills.
Through parent professional partnerships in designing the plans and developing goals for desired outcomes, observations, demonstrations, and communications, parents and children will become familiar with developmental issues, appropriate skills for that age, toys and equipment enhancing the necessary skills,  to stimulate development and acquire optimal outcome.
Emphasis is on the influential role a parent or other caretaker has in the development of the young children, therefore including current Childrearing practices, Applied Behavior Analysis, optimal Family Communication and Parenting strategies



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