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Applied Behavior Analysis


Clients of all ages and all developmental levels qualify for these behavioral services. Clients referred for these services are those who are displaying maladaptive or inappropriate behaviors, behaviors that interfering with the ability to learn new tasks. Many of the referrals for these services are children with Pervasive Disorders and other developmental problems.


The services are provided in the environments in which the behaviors occur. If the client is a child, the parent is the participant, who receives training in the behavioral concept to be practiced. Interventions are modeled for the parent by working directly with the child. Therefore, services for children cannot be provided unless the care taker is present and able to participate




California Pediatric & Family Services (Cal-Peds) is renowned for its commitment to addressing behavioral concerns within the context of the family or other supportive structure. As such, our role is to include the parent, teacher, or other supportive participant, to address Applied Behavior Analysis strategies and satisfactory alternatives to current skills. Each client is thoroughly evaluated within their environment to determine the most appropriate form of affecting positive behavioral changes and problem solving strategies. 
In accordance with our philosophy, all facilitators employ a developmental approach that targets behaviors in the context / environment in which they occur.  
A typical session is one and a half hours, including clinical note taking and case conference with the caretakers. The typical assessment process is 10-15 hours, including a school visit, and family conference, scoring and write-up. Behavior specific planning and intervention is developed and reported on quarterly. Strong focus on Family dynamics and family participation warrants the most successful outcome

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