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    Educational Services

  Early Childhood Education
      Infants & Toddlers And their Families

Our Multi-disciplinary Team consists of more than 70 professionals with long term   field experiences. This team includes Educators, Developmental Specialists, Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapist, Behavioral Specialists, Parenting Specialists, Family Therapists and Psychologists. They have one thing in common: all are experienced in working with the clients with special needs and their families in their natural setting, addressing a variety of needs, ethnologies, and etiologies

Our Early Intervention Program provides services for families with children, birth through three years of age, who may have or have not special needs and prefer assistance in child development, parenting skills, like to optimize development, and prevent developmental deficiencies.

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Parent Education

familyConsumers referred for these services are typically parents with special needs or parents of special needs children.   Services offered cover coordination of prenatal care, child health and safety, nutrition, parent counseling, parent-child relationships, household safety.  Most of these services are provided in the home of the consumer. Occasionally the services may take place in other environments as needed.





 Independent Living Skills

Consumers referred to this program are those in need of developing a variety of functional skills that will enable them to reside independently in their home and community.  These services are provided one-on-one, in the natural home environment of the Consumer.
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     Behavior Management

Clients of all ages and all developmental levels qualify for these behavioral services. Clients referred for these services are those who are displaying maladaptive or inappropriate behaviors, behaviors that interfering with the ability to learn new tasks. Many of the referrals for these services are children with Pervasive Disorders or other developmental problems.
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